DWI Attorney – Interviewing Tips for You

You are facing a DWI, which means you need a qualified DWI attorney. Not just any attorney will do. Although many family practice attorneys can provide service in drunken driving cases, this does not mean these providers are the best available. Before you decide which lawyer to call on, make sure he or she has the skills necessary to meet your specific needs. This process takes a few extra minutes but can mean winning or losing your case. 

A Specialist Matters

Some attorneys specialize in trying DWI, or driving while intoxicated, cases. These cases can be very difficult to fight especially if you submitted to any type of breathalyzer testing at the time of the arrest. It is a good idea to call a lawyer before you do that; however, rarely is it a good thing to avoid such a test. A specialized professional, though, can help to prove that such a test was inaccurate or that the police officer did not administer the test properly, leading to skewed information. This is just one example of how this type of specialist can help.

Experience Matters

When hiring a DWI attorney, it is also important to look at the experience of that lawyer. Experience in cases such as your own is important. While any legal advisor can represent you in a court of law (assuming they have a legal degree and license to do so), an attorney with experience can often help you to achieve far more. He or she will know the process well, and may even have experience with the judge that will oversee your case. In addition, this will also have the experience to provide you with the right type of advice moving into the case.

Your Interview

Before you hire a DWI attorney, take the time to interview. This means sitting down with and talking to the lawyer one on one. You are looking for specific things. First, ensure that the professional does have time to handle your case. If there are too many cases on his plate, that may lead to a lack of time to help with your own case. In addition to this, you may want to choose a professional by his or her attitude toward your case. 

• Is that attitude positive and reassuring?

• Does the professional tell you the truth without exaggerating what fighting the charges can accomplish?

• Is there reason to believe that this provider can meet your specific goals, including listening to what you have to say about the incident?

Most people want to hire a DWI attorney who promises to get the charges dropped, but this is rarely going to happen. A qualified pro will tell you when you should plead out the case or when to take it to trial. Some will be honest and upfront about what you are likely to face as an outcome. This is a sign of a professional to trust. There is no benefit in misleading you about your situation. However, the right lawyer will fight for you.